John - the son of the thunder


With a suitcase full of questions JOHN - the son of Zabedee is looking for a way out of this train station called life, where everyone leaves when his train comes and the secret of it all is hidden beyond the yellow line.

Years later, exiled on the island of Pathmos, John reflects back on his rebellious youth and his journey through despair to hope and faith. His road that turned him from the Son of Thunder into the Apostle of love as he is known today.


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Младен Петров 14-02-2011 / 01:29

Снимката е много хубава. Направо цепи мрака

Руслан Драгостинов 21-03-2011 / 07:49

Това и е задачата :-)) Хубаво е цялата визия на спектакъла да носи пространствено усещане, както за железопътна гара, така и за време - минало, настояще, бъдеще...